Tablelands Fresh - by Cedar Park

Relax and enjoy your evening.  Transform dinner into a chill out part of your day, not another chore taking your free time and energy.  Dine with your family, friends or yourself. 

We have gone through the process of cooking, freezing, defrosting and testing many unique recipes to get a diverse menu of dishes which come up perfect.  We do not skimp on cuts of meat, seafood, fresh veggies, cheese and other select ingredients.  We make dishes tasty, satisfying and healthy. 

You may defrost meals a day in advance in the refrigerator.  Alternatively you may cook some from frozen.  Recyclable, oven save dishes and simple stovetop or microwave warming make dishes such as curries hassle free.  A quick bake in the oven brings other dishes to perfection without the addition of ingredients. 

Retail Outlets  
- no ordering or planning, just stop in and get it!

Wholehealth Pharmacy - Pease Street

Wholehealth Pharmacy - Barr Street

Friendly Grocer - Yorkey's Knob

Cedar Park Rainforest Resort - Koah - (call ahead) - 4093 7892.

Parties and events can be catered with our wares.  If you have special requests or large groups please contact us.  We can also host weddings and events at Cedar Park.